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Five UFO Movies Based On Real Events

Only a handful of movies have been based directly on real-life UFO incidents. Here are 5 of the best,

2018-10-18 13:15:02 in UFO

Crashed UFO? Google Earth uncovers partially damaged triangular structure in Nevada desert

The video uploader also argued that the one corner of the alleged UFO is damaged, and they speculate that it might have been inflicted due to a crash ...

2018-10-18 12:15:06 in UFO

Karl Wolfe, Who Claimed He Saw NASA Photos Of Alien Structures On The Moon, Dies In Bike ...

According to Fox News, the famous UFO whistleblower died in a bicycle accident in Lansing, New York, where he was fatally hit by a tractor-trailer.

2018-10-18 12:15:02 in UFO

Grey Aliens Show UFO Abductee Sherry Wilde the Future of Planet Earth

Sherry Wilde tell some of her fascinating story remembering her encounters with extraterrestrial beings from another race and world. In this lecture she ...

2018-10-17 20:15:02 in UFO

Historical Spokane Indians Bigfoot story?

An historical account documented by Elkanah Walker in the 1800s may have actually been about Bigfoot and not just superstition.

2018-10-17 18:05:05 in Bigfoot

British Bigfoot Sighting

According to local community website Tunbridge Wells People, the Kentish Apeman – or British Bigfoot – was first seen 70 years ago during World ...

2018-10-17 16:05:05 in Bigfoot

Who would win a the fight between the Loch Ness Monster v Jesus?

Seeing that the evidence for the existence of either of those two entities is slim (at least in the forms generally thought of), it is useless trying to ...

2018-10-17 15:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Micah Hanks – UFOs and the Future – October 16, 2018

Open Minds UFO Radio: Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include ...

2018-10-16 21:15:02 in UFO

"Men-Stealers" Bigfoot Account 1841

“Men-Stealers” Bigfoot Account 1841. Elkanah Walker (1805-1877) was an American pioneer settler in the Oregon Country in what is now the states of ...

2018-10-16 18:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot In The Pacific Northwest

Florida transplants, the Trail to Bigfoot team, continue their PNW adventure, searching for the elusive sasquatch, and comparing notes to their skunk ...

2018-10-16 16:05:03 in Bigfoot

Navy Air Controller Says UFO Incident Gave Him Psychic Powers and Visions

The air intercept controller serving aboard the USS Princeton during the Tic-Tac UFO incident says the encounter gave him strange psychic powers ...

2018-10-16 15:15:02 in UFO

Mysterious UFOs in shape of white circles of light beam across skies of Manchester

Dozens of people have claimed they spotted a UFO flying over Greater Manchester with dozens of photos and videos being shared of the odd sight.

2018-10-16 14:15:05 in UFO

Is it ALIENS? Scientists find fast radio bursts closer to Earth than EVER before

These FRBs are mysterious blasts of radio waves lasting just a few milliseconds and can contain as much energy as the sun puts out in decades.

2018-10-16 14:15:01 in UFO

Alien UFO, Nibiru or mere reflection? Purple sky in Ohio triggers apocalypse fear

Doomsday mongers are going crazy over an eerie clip shared to YouTube recently which shows a distinct purple stint in the night skies of Cleveland, ...

2018-10-16 07:15:04 in UFO

George Knapp Hunt for the Skinwalker Interview Transcript

Award-winning investigative journalist George Knapp was a recent guest on Open Minds UFO Radio. His interview was so full of important unreleased ...

2018-10-16 00:15:02 in UFO

Cross country: Astoria runner on win streak

Over the weekend, he won the middle school 3,000-meter race in the Rainier Invitational, four days after winning the Bigfoot Invitational at Rockaway ...

2018-10-15 22:05:02 in Bigfoot

NASA alien news: THIS is how NASA should hunt space for aliens and UFOs - SHOCK report

Seventeen scientists representing the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) believe the hunt for alien life is ...

2018-10-15 11:15:04 in UFO

ALIENS created Hurricane Michael and left evidence – shock claim

UFO hunters believe they have spotted a strange skull in the satellite images of Hurricane Michael, believing this was a sign left by grey aliens.

2018-10-15 11:15:03 in UFO

UFO proof? Bizarre white trail in night sky sparks alien fears

He said: “In both cases they are night launches where the rocket exhaust gases look very spectacular and can easily make people think this is a UFO.”.

2018-10-15 01:15:02 in UFO

Same UFO is sighted by 6 different pilots at North of Chile

At least six commercial airplanes - five of them from Latam Chile and one from Copa Airlines - have reported to the Committee for the Study of ...

2018-10-14 20:15:01 in UFO

Mysterious moving white trail over China sparks UFO fear of TOP-SECRET military experiment

A mysterious UFO has been captured on camera across a huge region of China on Thursday evening, prompting wide-ranging conspiracy theories.

2018-10-14 19:15:04 in UFO

UFOs…Seriously LIVE! Ep 10 – Credible UFO News and Information

In this episode we discuss how UFO researchers feel about the current state of UFO public perception, The Battle of LA ufo incident, my personal UFO ...

2018-10-13 10:15:04 in UFO

Chemtrails, contrails or just aliens? UFO stuns onlookers across China

A mysterious UFO was captured on film by stunned onlookers across China on Thursday evening, in what appears to be the result of some ...

2018-10-13 04:15:02 in UFO

SC EP:480 Female Bigfoot stalks and kills a hog

I have moved the member only show to tomorrow due to technical issues. A listener writes "Hello Wes, I witnessed a female Bigfoot stalk and kill a hog ...

2018-10-12 19:05:01 in Bigfoot

Decoding the festival circuit

Signing agencies like International Sales UK, Max Factory and UFO Distribution will help bring visibility. “Filmmakers must also set up meetings in ...

2018-10-12 12:15:04 in UFO