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Sighting Details. I was playing ten is with my friends then as i tossed the ball up to do the serve i notice one white/shiny object up high in the sky. then i ...

2017-05-26 14:15:04 in UFO

Pierre Hotel Robbery/ Rethinking UFOs

First Half: Bobby Comfort and Sammy "the Arab" Nalo were highly skilled jewel thieves who specialized in robbing luxury Manhattan hotels. One of ...

2017-05-26 14:15:04 in UFO

Loch Ness monster SPOTTED: Bombshell video of creature stuns internet

Despite its similarities to the Loch Ness monster, the creature was in fact filmed thousands of miles from Scotland at the popular Mount Lu Xihai Resort ...

2017-05-26 09:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

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Sighting Details. I had just gotten of work and was driving home. i take the back roads home and got on factory road outside of sunnyside washington.

2017-05-26 07:15:02 in UFO

Strange Sightings of Bigfoot Swimming

On rare occasions, people report sightings of bigfoot creatures swimming. There are storie of it all over the United States even though they are rare.

2017-05-26 02:05:01 in Bigfoot

UFO BOMBSHELL: Top Secret MEMO Could Finally Solve Roswell Mystery!

The Roswell UFO incident is the father of all conspiracies, where in 1947 multiple people witnessed a history making event that would forever change ...

2017-05-26 01:15:03 in UFO

Fisherman Has Scary Bigfoot Encounter In Ohio

A fisherman relates the story of a bigfoot encounter he had with his family in 1980. This is how a lot of bigfoot sightings happen involving fisherman.

2017-05-25 21:05:02 in Bigfoot

Canadian witness describes cigar-shaped UFO

A Canadian witness at Ottawa reported watching a white-gray colored, cigar-shaped object hovering and then moving away at incredible speed and ...

2017-05-25 17:15:04 in UFO

UFO Sightings: Kansas Witness Reports Helicopter Chasing Ball Of Light

Kansas has always been a hot bed for UFO sightings, and earlier this month a resident from Lawrence reported seeing a military helicopter chasing an ...

2017-05-25 11:15:02 in UFO

Russian Dashcam Captures White Bigfoot - Real or Hoax? (Video)

Bigfoot – A very large, hairy, humanlike creature purported to inhabit the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Also called Sasquatch. Origin of Bigfoot.

2017-05-25 10:05:01 in Bigfoot

Was Marilyn Monroe killed over a UFO leak

A controversial new documentary claims that Monroe was murdered because she knew too much about UFOs.

2017-05-25 08:15:01 in UFO

PHOENIX LIGHTS UFO: New witness comes forward 20 years later… and its a hollywood legend

He said: "That was the most viewed UFO event. Over 20,000 people saw it. "As I watched the show, I felt like Richard Dreyfuss from Close Encounters.” ...

2017-05-24 19:15:03 in UFO

Witness describes helicopter chasing ball of light

Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please ...

2017-05-24 19:15:02 in UFO

Big Foot Or Illegal imagrants II

Big Foot Or Illegal imagrants II. Part of channel(s): Liveleakers (promoted). i was suprised my last video of the imagrant camp got 60k+hits

2017-05-24 16:05:01 in Bigfoot

The Best UFO Documentary of All Time - Narrated by Rod Serling

This documentary has multiple interesting segments regarding UFO and Alien activity, including abduction tales from decades ago. (many think the ...

2017-05-24 11:15:04 in UFO

Mainstream Media Covers North Korean UFO Sighting

Mainstream media, which normally ignores UFO sightings, reports on one in North Korea.

2017-05-24 11:15:02 in UFO

Hello There Bigfoot

I recall one summer where the possibility of brushing with Bigfoot came up while making plans for a camping trip. At the time, I was unaware the place ...

2017-05-24 11:05:01 in Bigfoot

Proving These Creatures REAL_FAKE! (Dragon, Goblin, Demon & Chupacabra!)

Watch the video «Proving These Creatures REAL_FAKE! (Dragon, Goblin, Demon & Chupacabra!)-fLu6pU6i» uploaded by Pxr86993 on Dailymotion.

2017-05-24 08:25:03 in Chupacabra

UK Government To Reveal Previously Secret And Unpublished Reports On UFO Activity

It has been said that the British government is going to release secret information about all UFO sightings in the UK once the general election is over ...

2017-05-24 08:15:01 in UFO

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Source, MUFON. Summary, My three brothers and i were walking on a path in the forest and we saw a beautiful green orb fly over us. Tags, sound ufo ...

2017-05-24 04:15:03 in UFO

Shaun Ryder says planet Earth is being watched by aliens

The singer has had his fair share of close encounters and even made TV programmes about UFOs. And Shaun believes astronauts will be forced to ...

2017-05-24 04:15:02 in UFO

Video Review of the 2017 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Daniel Benoit and company of the ECBRO discuss the recent Ohio Bigfoot ... Woman recounts nighttime sighting of a small bigfoot outside her home ...

2017-05-24 01:05:01 in Bigfoot

Sasquatch-Bigfoot Screams in Canada at 9:00PM (2017)

Sasquatch-Bigfoot Screams in Canada at 9:00PM (2017) posted by frank riquart. Share on Facebook. Tuesday, May 23, 2017. In the forest behind my ...

2017-05-24 00:05:03 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Gets Tricked Into Leaving Tracks

A man encounters bigfoot sneaking around his property, so he gets the idea of putting bleach in a large puddle in hopes the bigfoot would step into it.

2017-05-23 23:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Sasquatch X marker tree structure

Bigfoot Sasquatch X marker tree structure posted by David Crane. Share on Facebook. Monday, May 22, 2017. This is very interesting .Feel free to ...

2017-05-23 22:05:03 in Bigfoot