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Quick-Changing Multiverse, Reversible Vegan Fur Jackets by Velu Launch on Kickstarter

Multiverse Jackets come in three styles: Chupacabra, Outcaste and Wingman, ranging in size from unisex: XS to XXL for both men and women.

2019-06-18 16:25:01 in Chupacabra

May I have a word about… the intriguing profession of cryptozoology

... as cryptozoologists also ponder the existence of Bigfoot, the chupacabra (a blood-sucking South American creature of legend) and Mokele-mbembe ...

2019-06-16 18:25:01 in Chupacabra

Bulldog Thanks Dusty

Disney Planes Pit Row Gift Pack Dusty Crophopper Dottie, El Chupacabra Pitty, Bulldog Pitty. Views : 6,178. Duration : 00:22. Created Time : 2016-05- ...

2019-06-01 12:25:02 in Chupacabra

Skeptical Sightings: Texas Chupacabra, California Flying Humanoid and British Witches

Case One is the alleged Chupacabra sighting in Houston reported by multiple local media outlets. This one was the typical Texas-style Chupacabra ...

2019-05-20 14:25:02 in Chupacabra

From the Chupacabra to a Secret Society

The tale of a "secret society" in Puerto Rico that used human blood to conjure up a Chupacabra.

2019-04-26 14:25:01 in Chupacabra

Chupacabras? No: Rhesus Monkeys!

A Puerto Rican tale of Chupacabras and crazed rhesus monkeys.

2019-04-17 05:25:01 in Chupacabra

Chupacabra Suspected of Killing Second Person

Chupacabra Suspected of Killing Second Person. Another wild one from Coast to Coast. By Alien Origins, Tuesday at 06:11 PM in Cryptozoology, ...

2019-03-28 16:25:02 in Chupacabra

A Terrifying Encounter With a Chupacabra

There comes a time in the life of every investigator of the paranormal when a case just gels. From the credibility of the witness to the importance of the ...

2019-03-24 00:25:03 in Chupacabra

Apt Name for an Acupuncturist

Erik Agard returns with an excellent and challenging puzzle with 10 debut entries, my favorite of which is CHUPACABRA, the legendary beast from ...

2018-12-15 17:25:02 in Chupacabra

A village in Sumy region suffers from the attacks of the Chupacabra

Unknown animal kills chickens and drinks their blood.The villagers Uzdytsia that in sumshchina, afraid for their lives: they began to visit the ...

2018-12-11 16:25:02 in Chupacabra

The Chupacabra: An Ongoing Phenomenon?

Chupacabra stories from Ukraine, Mexico and California.

2018-10-25 07:25:02 in Chupacabra

A Live Flying Gargoyle Reported in Puerto Rico

“They experiment on a dead chicken to find the bite marks but the its all said that its not the chupacabra or anything are we wondering with a super ...

2018-09-07 21:25:02 in Chupacabra

Villagers recall mysterious lights in night sky, claim alien behind mutilation of animals in Argentina

Meanwhile, a section of people in the area started claiming that chupacabra, a mythical creature in the South American folklore, was behind the attack.

2018-08-12 20:25:03 in Chupacabra

Monsters and kids prove a winning combination for Northwest publisher

And Chupacabra is a picky eater. Their simple, charming stories are the brain children of Kyle and Derek Sullivan, 36-year-old twins who have spent ...

2018-08-09 06:25:02 in Chupacabra

UFOs: The Chupacabra Connection

Nope: it was a bunch of dead chupacabras. There just might even have been a couple of living ones there, too. So, at least, I was told on several of my ...

2018-08-05 23:25:03 in Chupacabra

The New Know-Nothings

... a creature not wholly unlike the Abominable Snowman, or the Chupacabra, or the mythical Squonk of central Pennsylvania, the imaginary creature ...

2018-07-25 20:25:03 in Chupacabra

Mystery solved: Creature shot near Montana is not a werewolf

Several people said that it was the pre-historic dire wolf or the mysterious creature Chupacabra. However, FWP has dismissed these two possibilities ...

2018-06-19 20:25:02 in Chupacabra

Proving These Creatures REALFAKE Dragon Goblin Demon amp Chupacabra fLu6p

Proving These Creatures REAL_FAKE! (Dragon, Goblin, Demon & Chupacabra!)-fLu6p Proving These Creatures REAL_FAKE! (Dragon, Goblin ...

2018-06-12 23:25:01 in Chupacabra

Multiple Sightings and Remains of a Possible Chupacabra Found in Chile

Possible Chupacabra sightings in Chile followed by a strange video of what looks like a Chupacabra skeleton.

2018-06-09 05:25:02 in Chupacabra

Clint Preisendorfer of Rusty Surfboards Breaks Down The Chupacabra Model

Clint Preisendorfer of Rusty Surfboards Breaks Down The Chupacabra Model | Design Forum. GrindTV Logo GrindTV ...

2018-06-08 07:25:02 in Chupacabra

Clint Preisendorfer of Rusty Surfboards Breaks Down The Chupacabra Model

Clint Preisendorfer of Rusty Surfboards Breaks Down The Chupacabra Model | Design Forum. Duration: 01:33 53 mins ago. SHARE · SHARE.

2018-06-06 17:25:02 in Chupacabra

Have ju ever seen a bloodsucking creature lyk vampire, werewolf, monster cat, chupacabra which ...

Have ju ever seen a bloodsucking creature lyk vampire, werewolf, monster cat, chupacabra which feasts on human flesh n drink their blood? Follow.

2018-06-05 05:25:02 in Chupacabra

Experts baffled by mysterious wolf-like creature that has been called everything from a werewolf to ...

Wildlife experts have been left baffled by a "wolf-like" creature that was shot dead by a farmer. Bizarre theories have circulated online that it could be a ...

2018-05-26 13:25:02 in Chupacabra

Turning Myths and Fairy Tales on Their Heads

... highly exclusive Unicorn Rescue Society requires pledging allegiance to the existence and protection of all things mythical: unicorn, chupacabra, ...

2018-05-04 20:25:02 in Chupacabra

Wats the Best Chupacabra movie to watch?

Wats the Best Chupacabra movie to watch? Follow. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Sorry, something has gone wrong. Trending Now. Amy Schumer · Evangeline Lilly · Victoria Toensing · Karim Benzema · Cheap Airline Tickets · Online Universities · Seattle Mariners ...

2018-05-03 01:25:01 in Chupacabra