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5 Things I Learned While Being On The Road

I unfortunately haven't had too many options to go out on a long adventure, and by long i mean a period of a few months at least. Life just got in the way and didn't really leave room for it.Things are different now though, life changed, things changed, and i have had the time to travel for an extended period of time, and as much as i loved the freedom...

2018-09-07 21:47:51 in Other

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[question] Giant creodont Malfelis badwaterensis

2018-04-04 11:33:33 in Other

[question] Knowledge Management Trends

2017-12-13 06:02:21 in Other

[question] Does anyone actually watch go90?

2017-12-11 05:53:30 in Other

[question] Thoughts on Restructuring Groups?

2017-12-04 04:29:20 in Other

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2017-12-01 05:22:11 in Other

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2017-12-01 05:14:46 in Other

[question] Featured Members.

2017-11-21 07:00:38 in Other

[question] Hiking boots Are they REALLY necessary?

2017-11-16 08:01:58 in Other