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National Enquirer Live attraction to feature Princess Diana and OJ Simpson exhibits, animatronic ...

Amid galleries on aliens, Bigfoot and the moon landing (and subsequent moon-landing conspiracies), Laney confirms a Princess Diana exhibit in the ...

2019-05-24 16:05:01 in Bigfoot

Finding Rick Perry: The Missing Secretary Of Energy

This entry was posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 10:50 am and is filed under Bigfoot, Bigfoot Report, Cryptozoologists, Cryptozoology, Pop Culture, ...

2019-05-24 15:05:02 in Bigfoot

Russian Bigfoot video breakdown adds to mystery

A breakdown of a video that many believe is proof of a Russian Bigfoot adds to the mystery of this potential cryptid sighting.

2019-05-23 22:05:03 in Bigfoot

The Patterson bigfoot film, was it a costume?

With a reputation as the most controversial film ever made of bigfoot, the patterson gimlin film has been subject of debate by skeptics and bigfoot ...

2019-05-23 21:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot spotted on google earth

Bigfoot spotted on google earth posted by 123cordog. Share on Facebook. Wednesday, May 22, 2019. Messing around on google earth around area ...

2019-05-22 23:05:03 in Bigfoot

Remote Guides Encounter Bigfoot

The youtube channel shares some more fantastic bigfoot encounter stories, this one coming from a life-long friend and their guides.

2019-05-22 20:05:01 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot sightings: 8 best states to see the legendary Sasquatch

Using "never-before-released data" from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the Travel Channel has compiled a list of the 8 best states in the ...

2019-05-22 15:05:02 in Bigfoot

Did this hunter catch a bigfoot on camera?

another blobsquatch and the photographer used every cheesy trick a hoaxer would use, the subject is where you cant see it but the camerman doesnt ...

2019-05-21 19:05:01 in Bigfoot

Former Oregon football star describes wrestling gun from Parkrose HS student: Morning Briefing

BIGFOOT SIGHTINGS: Sasquatch is by most accounts an elusive creature, but there have been far more reported sightings in some parts of the state.

2019-05-20 11:05:02 in Bigfoot

Dark Waters: Bigfoot Encounters

DW Writes "Two bigfoot encounters. Bigfoot gets high and rages."

2019-05-20 02:05:02 in Bigfoot

Are These The Best Real Bigfoot Videos?

The NvTv channel on youtube put up this video of what they consider the best of the real bigfoot videos on the Internet.

2019-05-19 22:05:03 in Bigfoot


Couple saw a juvenile Bigfoot jumping a fence. My wife and I were driving around and we were on a back road out in Wytheville, Virginia on queens ...

2019-05-19 22:05:02 in Bigfoot

Monster Encounters: Hard-Wiring & Rebooting

Or, the Bigfoot-like Yeren of China. But, there is another side to the field of Cryptozoology. Namely, the near-supernatural side of things. Although it ...

2019-05-18 05:05:01 in Bigfoot

Minnesota Is Bigfoot Country

The Bigfoot Case Files channel on youtube shares another round of bigfoot tales, this time from the Minnesota area.

2019-05-16 22:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Attacks Frank The Tank

Dixie Cryptid on youtube is back with another great bigfoot story. Not all bigfoot encounters are encounters with a big peaceful giant.

2019-05-16 19:05:01 in Bigfoot

The Charlotte Observer: Expedition Bigfoot Museum

The Charlotte Observer takes a look at the Expedition Bigfoot Sasquatch Museum in North Georgia.

2019-05-15 17:05:02 in Bigfoot

The Problems with the "British Bigfoot"

The idea of a Bigfoot creature living in Great Britain is extremely problematic.

2019-05-15 05:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot: A Chaser of Cars?!

Many car drivers have experienced the "British Bigfoot" in all its vile and close-up glory.

2019-05-14 05:05:02 in Bigfoot

Pennsylvania named the third best place to find Bigfoot

The closest some of us ever came to seeing Bigfoot was when Steve Austin met Sasquatch in the hit 1970s TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man."

2019-05-14 00:05:02 in Bigfoot

What Are The Chances of Seeing Bigfoot In California?

According to the Travel Channel, of the more than 23,000 sightings of Bigfoot in the country, there were 1,697 sightings in California. Washington is ...

2019-05-13 09:05:03 in Bigfoot

Data Shows Bigfoot In Indiana

When you think of Bigfoot, you likely think of the Pacific Northwest, but new research reveals dozens of Hoosiers have reported spotting the creature.

2019-05-13 03:05:02 in Bigfoot

Top 8 US states for spotting Bigfoot revealed

Thousands of people claim to have encountered Bigfoot. Image Credit: Roger Patterson / Bob Gimlin The Travel Channel has released a list of the US ...

2019-05-12 13:05:01 in Bigfoot

Man tells cops Bigfoot attacked him with an axe

Man tells cops Bigfoot attacked him with an axe. Posted on Saturday, 11 May, 2019. No sign of the perpetrator was found at the scene. Image Credit: ...

2019-05-11 13:05:02 in Bigfoot

New Report Ranks Best States for Spotting Bigfoot

The Travel Channel released its list of "The 8 Best Places to See Bigfoot Right Now."

2019-05-11 08:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot DNA on Coast To Coast AM

COAST TO COAST AM. Bryan Sykes joined Dave Schrader to discuss his DNA research on samples of alleged hair from Bigfoot. Sykes is a professor ...

2019-05-11 05:05:02 in Bigfoot