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Strange Sightings of Bigfoot Swimming

On rare occasions, people report sightings of bigfoot creatures swimming. There are storie of it all over the United States even though they are rare.

2017-05-26 02:05:01 in Bigfoot

Fisherman Has Scary Bigfoot Encounter In Ohio

A fisherman relates the story of a bigfoot encounter he had with his family in 1980. This is how a lot of bigfoot sightings happen involving fisherman.

2017-05-25 21:05:02 in Bigfoot

Russian Dashcam Captures White Bigfoot - Real or Hoax? (Video)

Bigfoot – A very large, hairy, humanlike creature purported to inhabit the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Also called Sasquatch. Origin of Bigfoot.

2017-05-25 10:05:01 in Bigfoot

Big Foot Or Illegal imagrants II

Big Foot Or Illegal imagrants II. Part of channel(s): Liveleakers (promoted). i was suprised my last video of the imagrant camp got 60k+hits

2017-05-24 16:05:01 in Bigfoot

Hello There Bigfoot

I recall one summer where the possibility of brushing with Bigfoot came up while making plans for a camping trip. At the time, I was unaware the place ...

2017-05-24 11:05:01 in Bigfoot

Video Review of the 2017 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Daniel Benoit and company of the ECBRO discuss the recent Ohio Bigfoot ... Woman recounts nighttime sighting of a small bigfoot outside her home ...

2017-05-24 01:05:01 in Bigfoot

Sasquatch-Bigfoot Screams in Canada at 9:00PM (2017)

Sasquatch-Bigfoot Screams in Canada at 9:00PM (2017) posted by frank riquart. Share on Facebook. Tuesday, May 23, 2017. In the forest behind my ...

2017-05-24 00:05:03 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Gets Tricked Into Leaving Tracks

A man encounters bigfoot sneaking around his property, so he gets the idea of putting bleach in a large puddle in hopes the bigfoot would step into it.

2017-05-23 23:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Sasquatch X marker tree structure

Bigfoot Sasquatch X marker tree structure posted by David Crane. Share on Facebook. Monday, May 22, 2017. This is very interesting .Feel free to ...

2017-05-23 22:05:03 in Bigfoot

Russian Dashcam Bigfoot

In 2016, a Russian man from Bashkortostan, Russia was driving with his coworker on a snowy road when they came upon an unidentified creature.

2017-05-23 21:05:02 in Bigfoot

Aquaman movie: Amber Heard takes a dig at Jason Momoa in new BTS Instagram post [PHOTOS]

The Mera actress took to Instagram to make the announcement. But who is the big foot on the sets? Well, it is none other than Aquaman Jason Momoa ...

2017-05-23 14:05:04 in Bigfoot

Twenty Bigfoot Stepped Out of The Treeline

Mones joins me again to share his incredible Vancouver encounter where 20 or more Bigfoot stepped out of the tree line before him!!! Enjoy!!

2017-05-23 00:05:01 in Bigfoot

Real Bigfoot Footage (An Exemplar)

Real Bigfoot Footage (An Exemplar) posted by ParaBreakdown ... LIKE Bigfoot Evidence on Facebook for the latest Bigfoot sightings and reports ...

2017-05-22 23:05:02 in Bigfoot

Steven Greer Deception, UFO Bigfoot Connection

The subject then changes to the Loch Ness Monster, the megalodons, his experiences with Bigfoot, the Sasquatch portal in Oregon, pulling a gun on a ...

2017-05-22 19:05:02 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Encounter North Alabama?

Could this be the Southern Sasquatch many people have sought through the years? Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, this is a noise that you ...

2017-05-22 15:05:02 in Bigfoot

World Bigfoot Radio Part 3 ~ Microfoot and Cannibal Giants

This is the third and final part of the interview with Navajo Cryptid researcher, Mr. Randy "Caveman" Yazzie, with a look at the Little People (Anasazi) ...

2017-05-20 19:05:03 in Bigfoot

State Trooper Makes Unexpected Admission About Bigfoot (Video)

A former Michigan State Trooper says he regularly sees and feeds Bigfoot-like creatures in the Cascade Range of Washington state. The 64-year-old ...

2017-05-20 18:05:01 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Warning Markers

While investigating an area, the Squatch Master stumbles across what he belies are bigfoot warning markers. Check it out: ...

2017-05-19 01:05:02 in Bigfoot

Independence Day Bigfoot Video Revisited

Parabreakdown revisits one of the most popular bigfoot videos on the Internet, the Independence Day Bigfoot footage. Lots of people think this is the ...

2017-05-17 22:05:03 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot, Bronchitis, and Bait Traps

Keep your eyes peeled as you watch this video. The bigfoot have been known to hang around in the shadows and watch.

2017-05-17 21:05:02 in Bigfoot

Russian Bigfoot – Is The Last Neanderthal Alive?

Documentary on the Russian Bigfoot - Is the last Neanderthal really living in the Russian woods?

2017-05-17 18:05:01 in Bigfoot

Massive Bigfoot Outing At Salt Fork

Massive Bigfoot Outing At Salt Fork. Tim Stover hooks up with a huge group of bigfoot researchers at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio.

2017-05-17 04:05:02 in Bigfoot

Eleven Foot Tall Bigfoot

Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Eleven Foot Tall Bigfoot. Things get spooky after dark, especially in areas known to have 11 foot tall bigfoot roaming around.

2017-05-17 02:05:03 in Bigfoot

Life-Changing Bigfoot Encounter

April shares the story of her sighting in Southern California while zip-lining. April Tandy writes "I SAW BIGFOOT. Yes, this is a true story. No, it was not ...

2017-05-16 22:05:03 in Bigfoot

Pair of Strange Talking Bigfoot Reported in Malaysia

Residents of a Malaysian village report being sickened when they respond to the calling of a Bigfoot who knows them by name.

2017-05-16 12:05:01 in Bigfoot