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Who would win a the fight between the Loch Ness Monster v Jesus?

Seeing that the evidence for the existence of either of those two entities is slim (at least in the forms generally thought of), it is useless trying to ...

2018-10-17 15:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Why is it so hard to make a hormonal birth control pill for men?

Like the Loch Ness monster, the male birth control pill seems to be one of those rumors that rears its head every once in a while and then vanishes ...

2018-09-27 15:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

On Google maps reviewed the Loch Ness monster

A resident of the USA Lisa stout found the Loch ness monster on Google Earth satellite imagery three years ago."I saw a creature that I think might be ...

2018-09-26 13:45:04 in Loch Ness Monster

Do white people know about the Loch Ness Monster?

Of course they do. They are the ones who invented it. Loch Ness is in Scotland. The people there are white, still ...

2018-09-26 13:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Ohio Woman Finds Loch Ness Monster Without Leaving Home

How hard is it to find the Loch Ness monster? Well, first you need to spend some money and get to Scotland … right? Not any more. A woman in Ohio ...

2018-09-26 13:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster Worth $53 Million, Helps Sales of Loch Ness Absinthe

The Loch Ness Monster is estimated to be worth $53 million annually to Scotland and even helps sell Loch Ness Absinthe.

2018-09-18 12:45:01 in Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster SNAPPED in shock new photograph, doctor claims

Dipak Ram, an NHS consultant from Manchester, reckons he caught the creature as dark “mass” during a trip to the Loch – located in the Scottish ...

2018-09-15 01:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Giant 60ft sharks like in The Meg ARE in the ocean, says Michaela Strachan

However, Michaela has ruled out the existence of a Loch Ness monster, saying the search is a “waste of time”. Nessie was back in the news last month ...

2018-09-13 18:45:01 in Loch Ness Monster

Giant sea MONSTER carcass washes up on beach stunning divers

Giant sea MONSTER carcass washes up on beach stunning divers ... Loch Ness monster FOUND? Shock as multiple sightings reported ...

2018-08-27 20:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness monster FOUND? Shock as multiple sightings reported

Lynn Locke, from Ontario, Canada, says she saw the legendary beast around 50 yards from the shore of Loch Ness, in the Scottish Highlands.

2018-08-27 12:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Is the Loch Ness Monster real? Sightings and pictures of the mysterious Nessie

THE Loch Ness is a mythical beast which many have claimed to see over the years – but is the Lock Ness monster real? Here are reveal sightings and ...

2018-08-22 19:45:08 in Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster PROOF? Bombshell evidence in this photo

Charlotte Robinson from Leeds was staying at the Loch Ness Highland Lodges, Invermoriston, when she allegedly saw the brute, also known as ...

2018-08-22 19:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster FOUND? Tourist captures object lurking in Highlands

Charlotte Robinson, 12, was staying at Loch Ness Highland Lodges at Invermoriston when “Nessie” popped up about 50 feet away. The youngster ...

2018-08-22 00:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

MAPPED: Killer dinosaurs that could STILL be living

Hollywood film The Meg features the gigantic monster shark causing ..... monsters around the world – such as the Loch Ness Monster and creatures ...

2018-08-19 16:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

"Nessiesarily" Photos of a Monster

The biggest development in the story of the Loch Ness Monster – post-1933, that is, when the “modern era” of sightings began – occurred in 1972.

2018-08-14 03:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

The Italian celebrity playground

They addressed my query on the Lariosauro, the “monster of Lake Como” – the Italian version of the Loch Ness Monster – with an amused grin.

2018-08-13 11:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

Highlands, hiking and history: Scotland has a lot to offer

Or going to see the Loch Ness, where the fabled Loch Ness Monster resides. Failing that, there are plenty of whisky tours, as the Scottish are famous ...

2018-07-27 12:45:05 in Loch Ness Monster

DNA testing to finally settle legend of the Loch Ness Monster

Source: · We encourage you to Share our ...

2018-07-18 15:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

Scotland Has a Plan if the Loch Ness Monster is Found

A group in Scotland drew up instructions 17 years ago in the event that the Loch Ness monster is captured.

2018-07-09 06:45:01 in Loch Ness Monster

Caledonian cruising: a boating break in scenic Scotland

But our goal was Fort Augustus, the last staircase before Loch Ness, so we swung a U-turn and, over the next few hours, successfully negotiated two ...

2018-07-07 14:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

If The Loch Ness Monster Is Ever Found, Scotland Has A Plan For What To Do

The plan has resurfaced in part because an international team of scientists combed the murky Loch Ness last month for environmental DNA to confirm ...

2018-07-06 18:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

Security hear something moving inside building – what they find is HORRIFYING

CREEPY footage has emerged of the moment a security guard went to deal with a disturbance inside the shopping centre he was patrolling.

2018-07-06 14:45:05 in Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster: Scottish officials have this plan in place if mythical beast is ever caught

But a Scottish government-funded body has a plan in place if the Loch Ness Monster should ever be found - including releasing her back into the loch, ...

2018-07-06 14:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster: Official plan in place if fabled beast is ever CAUGHT

The Loch Ness monster is an enduring mystery which has drawn people from around the globe to hunt for the beastie. Do these images PROOVE its ...

2018-07-06 14:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

Search for the Loch Ness Monster Begs the Question: What Is a Monster?

What makes the Loch Ness monster a monster instead of, say, a new species? In another world, this 90-year-old urban legend might be a viewed as a ...

2018-07-04 12:45:01 in Loch Ness Monster