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KERJASAMA: A Collaboration Through Art For Artists Tony Albert & Timoteus Anggawan Kusno

Appropriating farmer hats into wearable UFOs and embellishing his photographs of locals with stickers of recognisable pop culture symbolism, ...

2017-03-23 05:15:01 in UFO

British Tabloids Jump On Reports Of Shape-Shifting UFOs

The top row are screen grabs from a video taken in January 2017 of a reported UFO over Liverpool, UK. The bottom row shows a very similar reported ...

2017-03-23 02:15:04 in UFO

Triangle UFO sensation deepens: Two MORE bizarre craft caught on camera

A TRIANGLE UFO sensation which is sweeping the US has intensified after two more mystery craft were apparently caught on video camera.

2017-03-23 02:15:03 in UFO

Ufo Hotpost

A mysterious beam was seen over Mount Etna in Sicily after a recent violent eruption while multiple UFOs were recorded on the cameras which are ...

2017-03-22 02:15:05 in UFO

Ray Szymanki – UFOs and Wright-Patterson AFB – March 20, 2017

Ray Szymanski Open Minds UFO Radio: Ray is a retired senior engineer who spent decades working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This base is ...

2017-03-21 07:15:04 in UFO

Huge Snake Like UFO Spotted High Above Australia

This very long snake like UFO was filmed in the sky above Melbourne Australia about two weeks ago. Multiple white orbs can also be seen flying ...

2017-03-20 07:15:02 in UFO

UFO Sightings 2017: Strange, Shapeshifting Object In Gloucester Sparks Intrigue

A recent UFO sighting, featuring what appears to be a glowing, shape-shifting craft, has managed to polarize both believers and skeptics alike.

2017-03-19 20:15:02 in UFO

Military Camera Captures UFO Above Nellis AFB

This is a 25 year old UFO video, its called "Nellis AFB UFO Video" and has had a lot of coverage back then. I believe this is a legitimate UFO video.

2017-03-19 18:15:04 in UFO

UFO gylphs and ProtoCuneiform

I have created a comparison of the glyphs found in the accounts of two witnesses to writing on the side of a UFO. The one in black and white is from ...

2017-03-19 07:15:06 in UFO

Real Alien A UFO Crash Was Filmed

A real ufo crash caught on tape by the fbi. Real alien footage in atarctica. This video shows to appear to show a ufo crash caught on video, the guy ...

2017-03-18 18:15:05 in UFO

Why THOUSANDS of people across the globe are seeing mysterious shape-shifting UFO

A BIZZARE UFO has been seen by thousands of people all over the world this ... What is bizarre UFO appearing above cities ALL ACROSS EUROPE?

2017-03-18 04:15:02 in UFO

Any of you can see the UFO

Tags: UFO, Germany Location: Germany (load item map) Views: 782 | Comments: 60 | Votes: 1 | Favorites: 0 | Shared: 0 | Updates: 0 | Times used in ...

2017-03-17 06:15:03 in UFO

Engineer recounts low-hovering triangle UFO

A Nevada witness near Austin reported a close encounter with a low flying and hovering triangle-shaped object about 300 feet long moving overhead ...

2017-03-16 23:15:02 in UFO

Planet Earth, An Alien Prison? Leading Scientists Now Believe So!

Many people on Planet Earth often say that they feel like a prisoner to the system and that daily life is repetitive, but could there possibly be a very ...

2017-03-16 19:15:05 in UFO

Police chiefs reveal surge in UFO sightings in Britain as officers probe alien invasions

In response to a Freedom Of Information request the force admitted it responded after UFOs were seen over Lytham St Annes, near Blackpool, and ...

2017-03-16 01:15:04 in UFO

Leslie Kean – Evidence for an Afterlife (with a bit of UFOs too) – March 15, 2017

Leslie_Kean_photo_2_web Open Minds UFO Radio: Leslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist and author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and ...

2017-03-16 01:15:02 in UFO

UFO Filmed Over Florida - Never Been Explained

UFO filmed over Florida - Never been explained. Share 0. This strange phenomenon was filmed in Destin Florida. To this date it was not explained.

2017-03-15 21:15:04 in UFO

One of my UFO experiences

Yes, as the title of the thread insinuates I have had more than one UFO experience. I may share the other one at a later point. Tonight, however, I want ...

2017-03-15 08:15:02 in UFO

Top 10 UFO Sightings That MIGHT BE REAL

Not all UFO sightings have been proven fake, which means there may be stories of REAL UFO sightings out there. The incident at the 2012 London ...

2017-03-15 04:15:04 in UFO

UK ALIEN INVASION? Upsurge in UFO sightings ROCKS west country

Somerset Live reports that there have been two UFO sightings just weeks after claims an alien being was seen in country town Yeovil, in Somerset.

2017-03-14 22:15:04 in UFO

SECRET SPACE PROGRAM: Is this UFO video proof of fabled top secret US spy craft the TR-3B?

UFO investigators claim a legendary alleged top secret US spy craft, developed using alien technology, may have been caught on video camera.

2017-03-14 22:15:04 in UFO

Could this be a UFO light show? Mysterious spaceship-shaped object filmed flashing in sky

A man has filmed what he believes could have been a bizarre UFO light show , featuring a suspiciously shaped object flashing in the night sky.

2017-03-14 10:15:03 in UFO

UFO researcher of the Year, Tom DeLonge; Major announcement within 60 Days!!!

Mr DeLonge is deluding himself if he thinks he is a UFO researcher. And when he bangs on about how he has read UFO books for 20 years well ...

2017-03-14 00:15:03 in UFO

HUGE UFO LEAVES THROUGH PORTAL: Footage of flying diamond over sea goes viral

A STRIKING video which appears to show a huge bizarre diamond-shaped UFO hovering over the sea before it disappears "through a portal" has ...

2017-03-13 21:15:02 in UFO

Shocking UFO Landing Over The Mountains

Shocking UFO Video, A mysterious Flying Object, Round shaped, can be seen hovering over the mountains and landing, this ufo video, could it be the ...

2017-03-12 19:15:05 in UFO