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Ireland: Video clip shows two bright UFOs over St Patrick Cathedral

However, some other section of conspiracy theorists argues that these UFOs are actually secret military crafts which might be using anti-gravity flying ...

2018-05-24 09:15:01 in UFO

Government reports on six day encounter with a UFO

Over a six-day period, a US naval vessel tracked an unidentified flying object near the coast of San Diego. It was back in 2004, but the Pentagon have ...

2018-05-23 23:15:01 in UFO

UFO Novels That Might Be More Than Novels

Over the years, rumors have surfaced to the effect that certain UFO-themed novels may have actually been based on reality,

2018-05-23 09:15:04 in UFO

Time travel path? Interdimensional portal opens up in Scotland skies, baffles many

A video apparently shot from Midlothian, near Edinburgh, Scotland is now the hottest debating point among UFO buffs and time travel enthusiasts.

2018-05-23 03:15:02 in UFO

Triangular UFO spotted in England, Is it the secretive TR-3B or an alien spaceship?

The secretive TR-3B or Black Triangle was allegedly developed by the US Air Force as a part of a black operation during the time of Gulf War.

2018-05-23 03:15:01 in UFO

UFO Stalker

A real time UFO tracking system based on the MUFON Case Management System. It gives an immediate view into Worldwide UFO activity.

2018-05-22 19:15:02 in UFO

Was India once an alien hotspot? 10000-year-old rock paintings of UFOs say so

Many historians and archeologists in India believe that cavemen who lived in the pre-historic age have painted pictures of aliens and UFOs in rocks ...

2018-05-22 07:15:02 in UFO

Green UFO video

2018-05-22 03:15:01 in UFO

Triangle UFO Sighting Filmed In England

0 Triangle UFO Sighting Filmed In England. Video footage of an unknown triangle shaped craft flying over Winchester, Hampshire, England.

2018-05-21 23:15:03 in UFO

TR-3B in Britain? Bizarre triangle-shaped craft sparks USAF black project spying FRENZY

Filming the night sky, the clip shows a UFO as it passes above his car. The craft seems to have a triangular structure, with a light on each point and is ...

2018-05-21 14:15:02 in UFO

Google Maps Street View: Mystery vehicle appears in same spot over six years

A young woman was spotted walking on a deserted road in the Roswell area, an area known for being the home to UFO conspiracy theories.

2018-05-21 11:15:02 in UFO

Is the USAF running a top secret black project? Frenzy as TR-3B jet sightings MAPPED

At the start of April, conspiracists were sent into meltdown after thinking they had uncovered part of a large UFO mothership. But after a closer look, ...

2018-05-20 08:15:01 in UFO

Congressional Hearing on UFOs Suggested by Space Subcommittee Member

The UFO question came up in a panel with Ami Bera (Democrat, California), ranking member of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Space, Randy ...

2018-05-17 21:15:02 in UFO

Best locations in the USA to spot a UFO

New data reveals the best places in the USA to spot a UFO.

2018-05-16 12:15:02 in UFO

Best locations in the USA to spot a UFO

The new MSN, Your customizable collection of the best in news, sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health, and lifestyle, combined with ...

2018-05-16 12:15:01 in UFO

Where is the best place in the US to spot a UFO?

"The X-Files" may have come and gone, but if viewers want to spot a UFO, perhaps they should trek across the U.S. instead of turning on their TV.

2018-05-16 11:15:02 in UFO

Top secret TR-3B supersonic craft caught SPYING on France? Frenzy over triangular UFO

It was later submitted to MUFON – an American-based non-profit organisation that investigates cases of alleged UFO sightings – where the witness ...

2018-05-16 08:15:02 in UFO

First UFO Report Over Erupting Hawaiian Volcano

Volcanoes seem to attract UFOs and the first sighting of one over Kilauea, which is currently very active on the Big Island of Hawaii, has been reported.

2018-05-16 06:15:02 in UFO

Jeremy Corbell – Upcoming Documentary on The Skinwalker Ranch – May 15, 2018

... then has created several compelling documentaries on various paranormal phenomena, mostly centered around UFO and alien abduction themes.

2018-05-15 12:15:02 in UFO

Astronaut Scott Kelly Talks UFOs, Says Aliens Probably Not Visiting Earth

I had the opportunity to interview astronaut Scott Kelly recently and, of course, I had to ask him about UFOs. Kelly has spent over 520 days in space ...

2018-05-14 18:15:02 in UFO

I Imported My Fiancé From Across The Country

As the still shrouded skyline zipped past, the Space Needle hovering above it all like a retro UFO, I tapped one of the hundreds of affirmations the ...

2018-05-14 13:15:04 in UFO

UFO sightings in the USA MAPPED: Where are you most likely to see alien craft in the US?

Researchers at trawled back through decades worth of UFO sightings to narrow down the highest concentrations of alien encounters in the ...

2018-05-14 13:15:02 in UFO

Is NASA hiding alien life? Astronomer baffled after capturing red glowing UFO in space

He submitted his findings to MUFON – an American-based non-profit organisation that investigates cases of alleged UFO sightings – where he ...

2018-05-14 12:15:02 in UFO

TR-3B spotted spying on Russia? Bizarre triangular UFO sparks USAF conspiracy frenzy

The video shows a strange light captured in the skies, appearing to be travelling slowly and hovering at a constant height. As the camera zooms in, the ...

2018-05-14 07:15:02 in UFO

UFO hunt: US Congress proposes $10million fund to find aliens with Artificial Intelligence

The proposed bill includes two years of funding to “search for technosignatures” from potentially intelligent and developed alien species.

2018-05-13 12:15:02 in UFO