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Triangular UFO spotted in the skies of Austin, gripping Texas in fear of alien invasion

The strange clip shows a triangular UFO hovering across the night skies, and the channel claims that the footage was shot in Austin, Texas.

2018-08-14 06:15:02 in UFO

Cloaking triangular UFO spotted in Kansas, sparks row

The video which was apparently shot in the skies of Kansas shows a triangular-shaped UFO hovering stationary in the skies in broad daylight.

2018-08-14 06:15:02 in UFO

"Nessiesarily" Photos of a Monster

The biggest development in the story of the Loch Ness Monster – post-1933, that is, when the “modern era” of sightings began – occurred in 1972.

2018-08-14 03:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

The Italian celebrity playground

They addressed my query on the Lariosauro, the “monster of Lake Como” – the Italian version of the Loch Ness Monster – with an amused grin.

2018-08-13 11:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

Villagers recall mysterious lights in night sky, claim alien behind mutilation of animals in Argentina

Meanwhile, a section of people in the area started claiming that chupacabra, a mythical creature in the South American folklore, was behind the attack.

2018-08-12 20:25:03 in Chupacabra

Aliens visiting Earth? Footage shows giant UFO flying across Lake Norman, United States

The footage shows an eerie UFO hovering across the skies, just above Lake Norman. In the video, the man can be seen saying that the object in the ...

2018-08-12 19:15:06 in UFO

NASA astronaut claims to have seen "alien-like" creature in Atlantis space shuttle

Melvin made the claims public on Twitter while having a discussion with Scott C. Waring, famously known for running the website UFO Sightings Daily.

2018-08-12 19:15:05 in UFO

Ancient aliens on mars

Building on the case made in Ancient Aliens on Mars and using data acquired from sophisticated new scientific instruments like the Mars Odyssey ...

2018-08-12 19:15:04 in UFO

Genuine ufos midlothian and Dumfries & Gallow

genuine ufo footage from midlothian Scotland and one from Dumfries & Galloway Some footage of the ufos from Midlothian and one from Dumfries &...

2018-08-12 19:15:02 in UFO

Bigfoot, Mysterious Men, and the Occult

An interview with Colin Bennett, a U.K.-based researcher of many-things-paranormal, on the Men in Black and Bigfoot.

2018-08-12 13:05:06 in Bigfoot

Scotland daytime UFO

If it was some kind of UFO it would have to be very very small. Interesting video though. Yes i thought bird too but the bit where the sun reflecting off of ...

2018-08-11 14:15:04 in UFO

Leaked Nimitz UFO Report Reveals Names of Sources

An unredacted copy of the 2004 Nimitz UFO Report was leaked revealing confidential information and the source who brought that information to To ...

2018-08-11 14:15:02 in UFO

The 1948 Gorman "dogfight" with a UFO I think you can disregard the date ...

2018-08-11 01:15:03 in UFO

Terrifying footage shows HUGE cigar-shaped UFO flying over lake

In the clip, a man is filming a lake on his mobile phone before a startling sight leaves him convinced he has seen an alien ship. “Hey, this is a ...

2018-08-10 11:15:02 in UFO

Westall UFO

News UFO Phenomenon · Rare Audio Detailing Australian Mass UFO Encounter Surfaces on YouTube · Brett Tingley August 10, 2018. Join Plus+ for ...

2018-08-09 18:15:03 in UFO

Monsters and kids prove a winning combination for Northwest publisher

And Chupacabra is a picky eater. Their simple, charming stories are the brain children of Kyle and Derek Sullivan, 36-year-old twins who have spent ...

2018-08-09 06:25:02 in Chupacabra

Rare Audio Reveals New Insights on Iconic Australian UFO Case

A fascinating piece of audio concerning an iconic Australian UFO case has surfaced online and sheds new light on the legendary event known as the ...

2018-08-08 21:15:02 in UFO

Rare audio sheds light on Westall UFO case

An old audio recording of Dr. James E. McDonald describing his work on the case has emerged online.

2018-08-07 16:15:02 in UFO

Alien spaceship? Huge dark UFO filmed cruising past the Moon

He claimed to have seen a UFO on his way to the moon, saying: “There was something out there that was close enough to be observed, sort of ...

2018-08-07 14:15:03 in UFO

Audio reveals creepy details of UFO mystery

In 1966, over 300 children and staff from a Melbourne school reportedly witnessed multiple UFOs silently flying through the sky before landing in a ...

2018-08-07 14:15:02 in UFO

UFO sighting: HUGE alien space ship spotted above Philippines

Popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring posted on his blog that an alien space ship was trying to camouflage itself in the clouds. The photo shows faint ...

2018-08-07 14:15:02 in UFO

Massive UFO Shocks Residents in Moscow, Russia

This impressive footage shows a large saucer-shaped UFO cloud rolling over an apartment building in Moscow, Russia. The UFO appears to be ...

2018-08-07 00:15:02 in UFO

Best UFO Sightings,/Aliens spacecrafts visi..

Added: about 6 hours ago. By: natalia (286.50). Tags: ufo, news, ufos, aliens, world news, other, other news, conspiracy,. open eye Views: 0 Replies: 1 ...

2018-08-06 15:15:04 in UFO

UFO Breaking World News,/Best UFO Sightings..

0 UFO Breaking World News,/Best UFO Sightings,/Aliens spacecrafts visited earth, The message of ET,. At that time when Jesus was born, This object ...

2018-08-06 10:15:04 in UFO

UFOs: The Chupacabra Connection

Nope: it was a bunch of dead chupacabras. There just might even have been a couple of living ones there, too. So, at least, I was told on several of my ...

2018-08-05 23:25:03 in Chupacabra