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A Conspiracy Theory About A Stoneman Douglas Student Reaches No. 1 On YouTube

Another video is titled “BREAKING Disclosure! First Govt NASA Close up UFO Video! They ARE HERE!!!” Others focused on chemtrails, a conspiracy theory favorite of InfoWars creator Alex Jones. YouTube. “As soon as we became aware of the video, we removed it from Trending and from YouTube for ...

2018-02-21 14:15:01 in UFO

Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in Michigan?

A perplexing piece of footage circulating online purportedly shows the legendary Bigfoot lurking in a Michigan forest.

2018-02-21 14:05:02 in Bigfoot

Black Knight Satellite FILMED by International Space Station, UFO watchers say

The legend has been circulating since the Sixties and now footage uploaded to YouTube channel Section 51 claims to be evidence of the alleged craft. A caption beneath the video reads: “Leaked pictures from ISS show the 13,000 year old Black Knight Satellite UFO very close to Soyuz Spacecraft ...

2018-02-21 11:15:02 in UFO

Leaked Pentagon files reveal shocking details about secret UFO research and storage of an ...

The Pentagon agents secretly studied and researched about UFOs and their threats to our Earth, according to recent reports. Back in December, a report published in the New Times revealed that scientists in southern Nevada got a chance to study a piece of unknown metal which had some unusual ...

2018-02-21 08:15:02 in UFO

Why do atheists religiously believe the only possible life in this or any other cosmos MUST be

This question is **NOT** about sky daddies, mythical supernatural absurdities like heavens and hells and purgatories and limbos, devils, demons, flying fire breathing dragons, Loch Ness monster, mythical spirits and souls, tooth fairies, fake man gods like Jesus, angels etc etc etc. Atheists ---- if you ...

2018-02-21 00:45:03 in Loch Ness Monster

The 1953 Bismarck ND/Ellsworth ufo sightings

July 2nd, 2014 is celebrated around the world as UFO Day. This led me to wonder if there were any major UFO sightings in North Dakota, which took me to a Wikipedia entry for the Ellsworth UFO sighting of 1953. According to Wikipedia, the Ellsworth case is "one of the most significant radar-visual ...

2018-02-20 21:15:03 in UFO

UFO Disclosure, Looking for a By-Country List or Chart

Hi, Anyone know of a tracker, list, or chart that reveals UFO disclosure by-country? Search engine searches were not productive so far, toward getting this info. If such a list exists, it would seem that France and some South American countries would rank "most open" toward disclosing the existance of ...

2018-02-20 17:15:02 in UFO

Woman Sues California For Failing To Recognize Bigfoot As Species, Dismissing Her Sightings

Bigfoot has long been a favorite topic when it comes to American folklore. There have been various stories from people who claimed to have spotted the hairy, muscular creature but none of these reported Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings have been proven to be true. Crestline, California resident Claudia ...

2018-02-20 06:05:01 in Bigfoot

Bigfoot Activity in Georgia

Bob Gymlan writes "I spoke with a witness regarding experiences he had in his youth, in Georgia."

2018-02-19 21:05:04 in Bigfoot

8000-year-old HUMAN SKULLS found impaled on poles underwater, leaving experts baffled

Loch Ness monster: There have been many sightings over the years and photos and videos. Getty Images. 1 of 10. Loch Ness monster: There have been many sightings over the years and photos and videos of actual footage have been checked and looked at time and time again, confirming if it could ...

2018-02-19 20:45:02 in Loch Ness Monster

UFO Sighting in Gatlinberg, Tennessee

Sighting Details. My son sent me this pic as he took it upon entering the smokey mountains without seeing the objects in the pic. i asked him if that was a ufo and he said no he was sending a pic of the mountains. i will attach the original pic and the zoom pic.

2018-02-19 20:15:04 in UFO

Video: Astronaut Hides UFO on ISS Live Stream?

Conspiracy theorists keeping an eye on the ISS live stream suspect that they may have caught an astronaut literally covering up a UFO.

2018-02-19 16:15:01 in UFO

Former Pentagon Official In Charge Of Secret UFO Investigation Explains How UFOs Fly

Alien Technology finally revealed? A former Pentagon official has made an astonishing claim about the technology behind UFOs. A former Pentagon Official who was in charge of the top-secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which was founded in order to investigate the ...

2018-02-19 07:15:01 in UFO

Woman sues California for dismissing her Bigfoot sightings

Police made a number of arrests for disorder. Name released of man in fatal Otago crash · An investigation is now underway and police are not seeking anyone else in relation to the. Man charged with double murder over Dunedin house fire · Woman sues California for dismissing her Bigfoot sightings.

2018-02-19 01:05:02 in Bigfoot

Revealed: How humans will greet aliens when we make FIRST CONTACT

Professor Michael Varnum, of Arizona State University, examined public reactions to messages from hypothetical intelligent aliens. The published results found people believed there would be more benefits, rather than risks when we first make contact with extraterrestrials. It also found people used ...

2018-02-18 22:15:01 in UFO

Disc-shaped UFO spotted flying above Mount Everest in eerie footage

Boffins claim the spooky object is unexplainable and cannot possibly be a drone or helicopter due to the altitude. It was spotted after mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears stitched together 477 images as part of a two-billion-pixel photograph in 2012. The mosaic image is intended to show the ...

2018-02-18 13:15:01 in UFO

Woman sues California over Bigfoot sighting

Claudia Ackley has taken it upon herself to sue the state for refusing to acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot.

2018-02-18 08:05:01 in Bigfoot

Woman suing over alleged big foot encounter

Woman suing state over alleged big foot encounter A woman who says she spotted a sasquatch in the San Bernardino mountains has filed a lawsuit to prov...

2018-02-18 01:05:01 in Bigfoot

Another Lawsuit Filed to Prove the Existence of Bigfoot

Like seemingly everything else in the U.S., proving the existence of Bigfoot may be settled in a courtroom.

2018-02-17 11:05:01 in Bigfoot

Newspaper UFO

Newspaper UFO. Apparently Aliens crash-landed in Britain as well. Image Credit: Dr. David Clarke/Sheffield Hallam. Share; Tweet. Newspaper UFO. Subscribe to Ancient Code. Enter your email address to subscribe to Ancient Code and receive notifications of new articles by email. Join 13,386 other ...

2018-02-16 23:15:02 in UFO

UFO Fragments

UFO Fragments. The alleged fragments said to belong to the wreckage of the Silpho UFO found in 1957. Image Credit: Share · Tweet · UFO Fragments. Subscribe to Ancient Code. Enter your email address to subscribe to Ancient Code and receive notifications of new articles by email. Join 13,386 other ...

2018-02-16 22:15:01 in UFO

New audio footage reveals moment F-18 fighter jets spotted UFO

This footage was obtained through the Freedom of Information act and have sparked theories that the object may have been a UFO. In a video posted to popular YouTube channel secureteam10, the host, Tyler, believes the audio is proof that the jets intercepted an actual UFO. The clip, uploaded earlier ...

2018-02-16 15:15:03 in UFO

In One Ear: Happy Birthday, Oregon

Oregon is sixth in the nation for Bigfoot sightings (Washington is No. 1), but first for the tallest barber shop pole in the world, at 72 feet, in Forest Grove. And finally, our state is also home to the largest single organism on earth, the Oregon Humongous Fungus, a honey mushroom that covers 2,200 acres, ...

2018-02-16 04:05:02 in Bigfoot

Alien contacts / critical point of view

M. Gerstein described the results of his work in the book "Another side of the UFOs", which was skeptical about this ufologic phenomenon. Studies in Russia showed that out of a hundred and six people who said they had contacted the aliens and therefore turned to the Moscow medical center, only four ...

2018-02-15 19:15:06 in UFO

Storyteller Media

Chupacabra - The goat sucker infamouse for killing livestock and pets. Now it has turned its attention to a woman. Animal X Natural mystery Unit talks to the victim. Part 2 Storyteller produce and distribute documentaries and factual programming specialising in animals and nature; from endangered ...

2018-02-15 18:25:02 in Chupacabra